How NOT to Price Your Home: Top 10 Worst Mistakes

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The time has come to sell.  Now how in the world do you figure out how much to ask for your home? 

Here are some of most common mistakes homeowners make when attempting to price their homes - and what you should NOT DO when pricing yours:


10. Price it low to sell it quickly because you're pretty sure the AC doesn't work!  

9.  Price it higher than any other home in the neighborhood because that new air freshener really masks the cat smell.

8.  Take what your Realtor® said and add the amount you owe on your boat.  

7.  Ask top dollar since you recently cleaned the carpets.

6.  Check your mortgage balance; homes are usually worth about what you owe.

5.  Add the price of your new roof and heating system to the price of that cool house you saw across town that looks kind of like yours.

4.  Price it so you have enough cash to buy that bigger house on the lake.

3.  Price it the same as the Tax Assessor.

2.  Start with what you originally paid and add all your mortgage payments.

1.  Price it at the lastest Zestimate on Zillow.


You'll get the most for your home if you get it ready and price it right!  The most appealing homes create the most demand and receive higher offers, usually just because buyers are afraid that some other buyer will like it and make their offer first.  

But sellers beware!  If you go too high you may offend even the most aggressive buyer and also run the risk of not passing appraisal.  Mess up on either of these and you won't get top dollar.  

The best advice?  Do some research, then contact an experienced agent for local, market-specific guidance.   Local real estate agents can provide you with the necessary details, knowledge and strategy for getting the most for your home.